Power factor correction leads top articles for Q1

top10logo1Interestingly, several feature articles listed among our top 15 articles for 2009 continue to hold reader interest this year, including TI’s article on power factor correction (PFC), written by app engineer Michael O’Loughlin; Haydon Kerk Motion Solution’s step-by-step instructions for linear motion, written by engineering managers Frank Morton and Ray LaChance, and California Micro Device’s article on silicon-based EMI filters, written by Tim Micun, director of marketing for Cal Micro’s Mobile Protection Products.

Other topics that also transitioned into the first quarter of 2010 include LCD supply, a teardown of the iPhone, Xilinx’s Spartan-6 FPGA, and power semiconductor rankings. Other hot topics include managing complexity in the design and supply chain, design videos and Visteon’s connected car.

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Here are the top ten articles in the first quarter of 2010.

1. PFC sheds light on THD

2. Earthquake disrupts LCD glass supply, no major impact on panel production, says iSuppli

3. iSuppli teardown: iPhone 3G S BOM and manufacturing cost is $178.96

4. How to create linear motion step-by-step

5. Avnet releases Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA evaluation and development kits

6. Infineon tops power semiconductor ranking

7. Managing design and supply complexity in automotive electrical/electronic systems

8. Silicon-based EMI filters reduce cost, improve receiver sensitivity in wireless handsets

9. Top ten videos of 2009 on Avnet OnDemand

10. Visteon to unveil connected car demo at CES 2010