Avnet, Energy Micro ink agreement on Earth Day

Phoenix, Ariz. — Avnet Memec and Energy Micro (Oslo, Norway) are partnering to provide energy-efficient solutions to the design community as energy efficiency becomes a greater concern particularly in the mobile market.

Following on their pan-European distribution agreement, Avnet Memec, a division of Avnet Electronics Marketing, has signed a contract with Energy Micro for distribution of the ultra-low-power EFM 32 Gecko microcontroller products throughout the Americas region.

Energy Micro claims the EFM 32 Gecko as the world’s most energy friendly microcontrollers, based on the powerful ARM Cortex-M3 architecture.

“Our customers are looking for low power, high performance microcontroller solutions — especially in the handheld mobile arena,” said Phil Sansone, senior vice president of Avnet Memec, in a statement. “Energy Micro’s line of low power, energy efficient ARM Cortex-M3s is an excellent solution ensuring we meet the growing energy efficiency needs of our customers.”