Atmel Zigbee dev kit targets smart energy, building automation

atmelrz600San Jose, Calif. — Atmel Corp. has launched the Atmel BitCloud Profile Suite, a ready-to-use framework for rapid development of ZigBee-certified applications. The suite includes a complete set of fully functional reference implementations of the ZigBee Application Profiles for ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE), ZigBee Building Automation (ZBA) and ZigBee Home Automation (ZHA).

The company is also introducing the RZ600 evaluation kit, a related tool for the BitCloud Profile Suite, which enables designers to prototype, develop and deploy ZigBee standards-compliant wireless applications for smart energy, home automation and building automation markets operating in both in 2.4 GHz and the regional 700/800/900 MHz frequency bands. The kit includes radio extender boards, USB-to-10-pin-wireless dongles, and IEEE-802.15.4-compliant RF transceivers.

The Atmel RZ600 development kit offers designers the flexibility to combine any Atmel RF transceiver with an Atmel microcontroller. The kit showcases Atmel’s portfolio of low-power and high RF performance transceivers, which claim superior battery life for portable applications and extended range for robust connection.

When used with the free and certified BitCloud Profile Suite, the RZ600 will help reduce system engineering design costs and cut time to market for a range of standards-compliant wireless products and proprietary wireless consumer product applications including toys, remote controls, walkie talkies and audio/video transfer applications.

The Atmel BitCloud Profile Suite enables engineers to develop, debug and connect to wireless networks with the radio extender boards that can be connected to Atmel evaluation boards. These evaluation boards include the Atmel STK600 and the EVK1105 for wireless applications with an 8- or 32-bit AVR MCU and the Atmel SAMx-EK wireless application development with an Atmel ARM-based MCU (with an ARM7 or Cortex core), combined with the latest ZSE 1.1 standard software.