Infineon debuts slim SMD package for HV power MOSFETs

infineonthinpakNeubiberg, Germany — Infineon Technologies has introduced the ThinPAK 8×8, a new leadless SMD package for HV MOSFETs. The new package measures 64mm² (vs. 150mm² for the D2PAK) with a very low profile of 1-mm high (vs. 4.4 mm for the D2PAK), enabling the design of slimmer power supply enclosures. The significantly smaller package size, combined with benchmark low parasitic inductances, provides designers with a new way to decrease system solution size in power density driven designs, said Infineon.

The surface-mount package houses the industry-standard TO-220 die size within a leadless outline measuring 8 x 8 mm and features an exposed metal drain pad for easy removal of internally generated heat.

Infineon also announced a second source agreement with ST that allows the semiconductor manufacturer to house its MOSFETs in the new package. ST will offer the package as the PowerFLAT 8×8 HV.

The ThinPAK 8×8 package offers a very low source inductance of 2 nH (vs. 6 nH for the D2PAK), a separate driver source connection for clean gate signals, as well as a thermal performance similar to the D2PAK. As a result, the ThinPAK 8×8 package enables faster and thus more efficient switching of power MOSFETs, said Infineon. In addition, the package is also easier to handle in terms of switching behavior and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Infineon will initially offer three 600-V CoolMOS devices in the new package: 199 mOhm (IPL60R199CP), 299 mOhm (IPL60R299CP) and 385 mOhm (IPL60R385CP).

Availability: Qualification samples of the new devices in ThinPAK 8×8 packages are now available. Production volumes are available against forecast within standard lead times.
Resources: ThinPAK 8×8 product brief.