ST intelligent power switch minimizes energy losses in industrial controls

st-vipowerGeneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has introduced an intelligent power switch (IPS) for use in industrial controls, delivering improved accuracy to minimize energy losses and prevent system errors when faults occur. These improvements are thanks to ST’s latest generation VIPower technology, which allows a lower overload current limit than competing devices to maintain stable power conditions while the system is recovering.

By providing an integrated solution for two output channels, the VNI2140J also simplifies design, enhances reliability, and saves printed-circuit-board (PCB) space in equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), peripheral I/O, industrial process controls, robotic systems, vending machines, alarm and security systems, and textile machines, according to ST.

The VNI2140J, housed in a 6 x 5-mm footprint, integrates all the necessary logic, driver circuitry, power stage, protection, and diagnostic functions. The chip’s inputs are 3.3-V TTL/CMOS compatible; its outputs are connected in the high-side configuration, and two independent resistive, inductive or capacitive loads can be driven.

In addition, the chip’s built-in shorted-load protection with independent active current limitation for each channel prevents load faults from pulling down the system power supply. If either channel becomes overloaded that channel is turned off independently while the other continues operating normally, and it is restarted automatically when the junction temperature has returned to normal, said ST. If both channels are overloaded, they are restarted non-simultaneously to avoid drawing high peak currents from the power supply.

Other features include protection against loss of ground, as well as diagnostics such as open-load detection in the OFF state.

Key specs include:
— 9-V to 36-V supply voltage
— 0.08 ohms RDS(ON) for high efficiency in normal operation
— Nominal current of 0.5-A per channel
— Output current limit is greater than 1-A per channel
— Fast demagnetization of inductive loads
— Conforms to IEC 61131-2 for programmable controllers

ST’s VIPower portfolio also includes single-, quad- and octal-channel devices.

Availability: Mass production is available for the VNI2140J in the PowerSSO-12 package.
Pricing:$1.50 for quantities of 100 pieces.