CEA releases portable media connection standard

Arlington, Va. — The Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Portable, Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee has released a new portable media connection standard that allows for faster transfer of high-definition audio and video data.

The ANSI/CEA-2017-A — Common Interconnection for Portable Media Devices — standard adds capability to the Portable Media Device Connector (PDMI) for USB 3.0 and VESA’s DisplayPort. Using this new standard will allow consumers to download HD movies in just over one minute, versus ten minutes with the previous USB 2.0 technology.

“CEA’s Portable, Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee brought together companies across all sectors of the portable device market to establish this standard that will support future advancements in portable media,” said Brian Markwalter, vice president of research and standards for CEA, in a statement.

“As our industry continues to innovate, bringing new products and services to consumers around the world, it is essential that we create standards that support the new technologies coming to market,” he added.