SyChip claims smallest, low-power smart energy device

sychipsn3020Planto, Tex. — SyChip Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has launched its SyNode Smart Energy Embedded Module that enables the integration of ZigBee functionality in smart energy devices. The company claims the SyNode device (SN3020) is the smallest and lowest-power, fully compliant ZigBee module that supports Smart Energy and Home Automation profiles.

The SN3020 integrates a ZigBee system on a chip transceiver, power amplifier (PA) and LNA low noise amplifier (LNA) to achieve best-in-class radio performance with +20 dBm output power and -103 dBm receiver sensitivity. It also includes 512 KB of serial flash for Smart Energy data-logging. The SN3020 measures 420mm² (0.65 square inches) and offers best-in-class power consumption using SyChip’s power-management protocol.

The complete wireless subsystem can be integrated into electric meters, industrial machinery, home appliances, thermostats and other applications for energy conservation and management.

Pricing: $14 to $28 in low volumes.