Avnet offers LIGHTFAIR demos online

Phoenix, Ariz. — If you missed Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas at this year’s LIGHTFAIR International show, you can view the distributor’s demonstrations at

This year, Avnet demonstrated a novel high-brightness light emitting diode (HBLED) luminaire control concept, called MONALISA (Modular Networked Avnet LightSpeed Architecture). Designed by Avnet, this system uses wireless touch-control technology to deliver a full-spectrum of colors, warm-cool color temperature settings and dimming levels of HBLED sconces, spotlights and pendants.

MONALISA’s hand-held remote uses Atmel QTouch technology implemented on an ATtiny88 microcontroller, along with an AT86RF230 low-power 2.4-GHz transceiver and ATxmega1281 low-power microcontroller. Each of the luminaires is powered by a National Semiconductor LM5021 AC-DC current mode PWM controller, LM3409 constant current LED driver, Atmel AT86RF230 and ATxmega1281.

Combined, these products provide a universal input, constant current output driver that is able to supply up to 100 W of managed power to red, blue, green, warm white and cool white HBLEDs.

Avnet and STMicroelectronics also demonstrated the STEVAL-ILL022V1 solar-powered HBLED streetlight reference design. The system incorporates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), daylight sensing, smart battery charging, constant-current output drive and full protection/supervision functions.