element14 video demos Agilent 4-in-1 instrument

Chicago, Ill. — element14, a new online collaborative community and store created for electronic design engineers, has produced a video that details the Agilent Technologies N6705A Power Analyzer, which Agilent claims is the only instrument to integrate the functions of a digital multimeter, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and data logger into a single, easy-to-use benchtop package.

“When performing DC power-related tests, R&D engineers typically must gather and configure multiple instruments to complete DC sourcing and measurement tasks, which is time consuming and increases the risk of errors,” said Bob Zollo, product planner at Agilent Technologies, in a statement. “Ninety percent of that effort can be eliminated using the N6705A.”

This integration, along with an intuitive front panel, allows research & development engineers to gain insights into their device under test (DUT) in minutes, not hours, without writing a single line of code, said element14.

The rack-mountable unit accommodates one to four high-performance, modular programmable dc-power supplies, which can produce an output as high as 600 W. These supplies can be selected from a menu of 21 module types.

The 9-minute video features Bob Zollo and Randall Restle, global technology director, Premier Farnell.

The N6705A is available at the element14 store for same day shipping, along with the electronic components and development tools that engineers need to develop next-generation designs.