ZMDI enters LED driver market

zmdi-leddriversDresden, Germany — ZMDI AG has entered the LED market with the introduction of three energy-efficient LED driver ICs. The highly integrated LED drivers achieve up to 95 percent efficiency and only require four external components for a complete driver.

These LED drivers are designed for all types of internal and external lighting applications. The ZLED7000 and ZLED7010 drive single or multiple LEDs from a supply voltage range of 6 to 40 volts, using continuous-mode inductive step-down converters. The ZLED7001 is a peak current mode control LED driver that operates within a wide input range from 8 Vdc to 450 Vdc or 110 Vac/ 220 Vac, making it suitable for direct line-powered applications.

The ZLED7000 and the ZLED7010 devices both feature an integrated current-switching transistor. The ZLED7010 also integrates LED temperature compensation to ensure maximum LED lifetime. the LED lifetime. The measured temperature information for the compensation can be cascaded through the ZLED7010 to support up to 13 LED drivers. Both devices can drive up to 750 mA of LED current, and feature regulation better than 2 mA, which translates into consistent, flicker-free brightness.

For line-powered applications, the ZLED7001 universal LED driver allows efficient operation of high brightness (HB) LEDs with voltage sources ranging from 8 Vdc to 450 Vdc, including rectified 110 Vac/220 Vac. Direct connection to the power line significantly reduces the cost and size of LED lamps, and makes it possible to create LED lamps that are direct replacements for conventional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, said ZMDI.

The ZLED7001 also is said to deliver excellent dimming response and can be dimmed using either pulse-width-modulation techniques or via a linear input control pin. A temperature-compensation input can be used to ensure maximum LED lifetime.

Full application kits including application notes and an evaluation board are available now for all three products. The ZLED7000 comes in a SOT89-5 package, making it suitable for space-constrained applications such as signage or specialty architectural lighting. The ZLED7001 and ZLED7010 are available in a SOP-8 package.

Availability: Volume production.
Pricing: For 1000 pieces, the ZLED7000 is priced at 0.36€, ZLED7001 at 0.40€ and ZLED7010 at 0.63€. Pricing in other currencies is available by contacting ZMDI.