All-in-one PMIC delivers up to 93% efficiency for cell phone displays

maximmax8930Sunnyvale, Calif. — A highly integrated power-management IC from Maxim Integrated Products cuts solution size by more than 45 percent compared to discrete implementations and provides up to 93 percent efficiency for cell phone displays. The MAX8930 integrates a white LED (WLED) driver, a passive-matrix organic LED (PMOLED) driver, and a linear drop-out regulator (LDO) in a 10-mm2 package.

The MAX8930 uses an adaptive-charge-pump architecture (1x or -0.5x) and advanced dimming techniques to achieve up to 93 percent efficiency, and averages 90 percent efficiency over the 3.5-V to 3.7-V input range, in which the lithium-ion (Li+) cell operates most often. Maxim said the combination of space savings and efficiency makes the MAX8930 well suited for space-constrained flip phones with multiple displays and a peripheral, such as a CMOS imager, in the lid.

The MAX8930 features an I2C-compatible control interface and advanced dimming techniques to extend battery life. Automatic luminance control automatically adjusts the WLED brightness according to the ambient-light level, while the content-adaptive interface optimizes brightness based on the gamma-correction information of the image.

The MAX8930 is available in a 3.17 x 3.17 mm, 49-bump wafer-level package (WLP), and is fully specified over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range.

Pricing:Starts at $3.45 (1000-up FOB USA). An evaluation kit with a USB interface and control software is available.
Resources: MAX8930 datasheet.