TI claims first cross-wire immunity transceiver

tisympoltransceiverDallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) offers a symmetric polarity transceiver that protects systems from communication losses and potential damage if signal wires are inadvertently reversed during installation or maintenance.

The SN65HVD96, using TI’s SymPol technology, provides high bus fault protection, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments where third-party installers often make the connections. The inverted bus wires are detected internally and corrected automatically, eliminating the need for intervention by the controller or operator.

Applications include heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, surveillance cameras, surveillance IP network cameras, building automation, industrial lighting, and other industrial applications.

Device features include high input impedance for up to 32 nodes, allowing multiple nodes on a single network and reducing system cost by eliminating repeaters. Bus pins survive faults of up to -35V to +40V, minimizing damage from direct shorts to typical 24 Vac HVAC supplies. It also uses the same pin-out as the RS-485, eliminating the need for board designs.

This device works well with isolation devices such as TI’s ISO7241C. TI also provides IBIS models for the SN65HVD96, which designers can use for simulations.

Availability: The SN65HVD96 is available now in a SOIC (D) package with eight pins.
Pricing: $1.20 in quantities of 1,000.
Resources: Request EVMs and interface selection guide