Microchip dc/dc converter reference designs enable higher energy efficiency

microchipdc-dcconverterrefdesignChandler, Ariz. — Microchip Technology Inc. has released two new digitally controlled dc/dc converter reference designs with advanced, high-efficiency topologies that make it easier for designers to optimize their systems for lower cost, higher power output or greater energy efficiency, which also translates into a lower carbon footprint.

Both reference designs — quarter-brick dc/dc converter and dc/dc LLC converter — are implemented using Microchip’s dsPIC33F ‘GS’ series of digital-power digital signal controllers (DSCs), which provide fully digital control of the power-conversion and system-management functions. As demonstrated in these reference designs, the dsPIC33F ‘GS’ DSCs allow designers to create products using advanced topologies, such as LLC resonant, which lower switching losses and boost efficiencies as high as 95 percent, said Microchip.

Complete documentation — including software, Gerber files, MATLAB models, Webinars and application notes — can be downloaded for free today from Microchip’s Web site at They are applicable to a diverse set of end products in both board-mounted and external dc/dc converters, for the server, telecom, industrial, medical and aerospace markets.

Both reference designs support intelligent control of the power converter and serial system communication, enabling remote control and monitoring. The designs also include full fault protection, and can be configured for operating specifications and custom features, via the fully programmable dsPIC33F ‘GS

Key features of the quarter-brick dc/dc converter reference design include:

–Phase shift full bridge (PSFB) topology
–200-W output power
–Input voltage of 36-76 Vdc, output voltage of 12V
–Greater than 93% efficiency

Key features of the dc/dc LLC converter reference design:

–LLC resonant topology
–200-W output power
–Input voltage of 350-420 Vdc, output voltage of 12V
–Greater than 95% efficiency

Resources: Digital Power Design Center, Quarter Brick DC/DC Converter Reference Design and DC/DC LLC Converter Reference Design.