WLED charge-pump backlight driver cuts need for backlighting processor in portables

adi-adp8870Norwood, Mass. — Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) says its ADP8870 WLED charge-pump backlight driver eliminates the need for a processor for backlighting in portable devices. The ADP8870 lowers the power consumption of battery-operated handheld devices by up to 45 percent without compromising viewing quality, said ADI.

The ADP8870 combines three key functions: a programmable backlight LED charge-pump driver with inputs for a photo transistor to automatically control the LED brightness and a pulse-width modulation (PWM) input to manage the scale of the output current.

This combination of features significantly reduces power use by automatically changing the current intensity based on the ambient lighting levels and the white content of the displayed image. By performing this function automatically, the ADP8870 eliminates the need for a processor to monitor the phototransistor, further reducing power requirements and simplifying the portable backlight design, said ADI.

“During common operations such as web browsing and email, LED backlighting can account for up to 75 percent of the power used by portable electronics,” said Dan Swan, product line director, Power Regulator Products, Analog Devices, in a statement. “The ADP8870 employs ambient light sensing and content-adaptive backlight control techniques that will extend battery life by optimizing the main and sub display and QWERTY keypad lighting.”

The ADP8870 controls up to seven LEDs either grouped together for backlight control or used independently for keypad illumination, indicator lighting or fun lighting. The fading of each LED is programmable allowing the designer to customize the fade-in, fade-out, dim and off times.

Key features of the ADP8870 include:
–PWM input feature enables content adaptive backlight control
–Photo diode input feature enables automatic ambient light sensing
–Interrupt output feature maximizes power savings by limiting processor involvement
–Programmable lighting transition points and hysteresis are simplified via an I2C-compatible interface
–Sophisticated fading and dimming options enhance media viewing
–Operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C

Availability: Samples and production quantities are available now.
Pricing: $0.55 each per 100,000 for the 20-bump WLCSP package and $0.58 each per 100,000 for the 20-lead LFCSP package.
Resources: ADI’s integrated multi-function power portfolio