ITT offers new mil/aero connector sourcebook

Santa Ana, Calif. — ITT Interconnect Solutions has revised its Military & Aerospace Sourcebook to help its customers select mission-critical connectors. The new sourcebook will be available as a print catalog for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Containing more than 700 pages of detailed information on hundreds of products, the new sourcebook is the definitive guide to ITT ICS’s product offering for customers involved in military and aerospace application design and purchasing.

The sourcebook features a thumb index for easy access to each connector range, identified by product name and an icon. Product sections include circular, mini-circular, micro, fiber optic, hermetic and filter connectors, including the new Nemesis product line, Quadrax, Mil-DTL-38999 and Chip-on-Flex filter connectors.

Application summaries have been added to help identify possible interconnect solutions for specific requirements, along with cross-product series summaries.

The sourcebook is available free of charge and can be obtained from ITT ICS’s Regional Sales Offices. It will also be available for download at