Multi-anode capacitors offer ultra-low ESR

avxtrmseriesGreenville, S.C. — AVX Corp. has developed a SMD tantalum multi-anode capacitor series that provides ultra-low equivalent series resistance (ESR) with high reliability. The TRM Series features failure rates better than 0.5%/1000 hours at full rated voltage and 85 deg. C. These capacitors are designed for high-end commercial applications with long operating life expectancies.

The TRM capacitors’ low ESR value is achieved through its multi-anode construction, which provides larger surge current capability and high ripple current capacity within the same case size, according to the Greenville, S.C.-based manufacturer.

“The TRM Series capacitors can withstand greater thermo-mechanical stress and harsh environments due to AVX’s advanced manufacturing techniques and process improvements,” stated Dan Lane, marketing manager at AVX. “The new series combines the technology of AVX’s established TPM Series multi-anode capacitor as well as the TRJ Series professional capacitor. The result is an ultra-robust capacitor that is not only twice as reliable, but also provides reduced DC leakage current values when compared to conventional commercial capacitors.”

Target applications include non-life support medical equipment, avionics and safety products, long-life telecommunication devices and automotive components.

Availability: 21 weeks.