Molex enhances CMX connectors for powertrains

molexcmxLisle, Ill. — Molex Inc. has launched the second generation of its sealed, hybrid, and high-density connector system for transportation applications. The modular CMX family uses a new CTX terminal system with a fully protected seal. The connector system is suitable for transportation powertrain applications such as those found in engine control units, automatic gear boxes, suspension controllers and electrical parking brakes.

“Based on our 10 years of experience with the CMC product line, the next-generation CMX connection system offers significant improvements in product performance while remaining cost competitive,” said Selvan Wilhelm, global product manager, Molex, in a statement. “The unique feature for all new CMX connectors is the sophisticated design of the interfacial seal protection, which ensures the connector remains protected before mating, and during mating and unmating operations.”

The first two circuit sizes of the CMX family are a compact 5-row, 55-circuit CMX connector and a 5-row, 65-circuit CMX connector. Additional circuit sizes are in development.

Both CMX connectors support low and medium current using .635 mm (.025-in.) and 1.50 mm (.059-in.) CTX terminals. Molex is working on a more compact design with high current sizes.

Molex touts the new matte seal for the CTX terminals as the ultimate high performing sealing function, which can be used with ISO and JASO wires. The CTX terminal system features a clean-body type design that performs well in harsh environments. The use of high conductivity copper alloy allows excellent stress relaxation and current carrying properties, said Molex.

The rear seal cover, which can be molded with breakable dummy plugs for the CTX terminal cavities, helps to reduce cycle time and applied costs for harness manufacturers. It also allows customers more flexibility for unused cavities.