AVX MLCC cap arrays reduce circuit size

avxcaparraysGreenville, S.C. — AVX Corp. has developed capacitor arrays that reduce circuit size, as well as improve electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance and overall manufacturing speed.

The multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) arrays include two-element arrays in 0405 and 0508 packages and four-element arrays in 0508 and 0612 packages with capacitance values ranging from 1 pf to 2.2 μf and voltages of 6.3V to

AVX said the MLCC capacitors are well-suited for loading crystals by helping to minimize the circuit’s size and assembly time. In addition, the dual capacitors in the same package have similar aging, noise, temperature effects and voltage coefficients

The MLCC arrays also have been used in switched capacitor voltage doubling inverter designs to reduce the footprint and provide significant performance enhancements, including improved EMI emissions and manufacturing speed, versus inductor based circuits, said AVX. The most common applications of this circuit are LCD contrast biasing, GaAs power amplifiers, interface power supplies, PDA/notebooks and handheld electronics.

The switched capacitor voltage doubling inverters are available in SO8 and miniature SO8 packages. A completed circuit requires the IC and three periphery capacitors. AVX capacitor arrays significantly reduce the size of the periphery capacitors in a voltage doubler, said AVX.

Availability: Lead time is 15 weeks.