Haydon Kerk offers programmable linear actuator

haydensplinerailWaterbury, Conn. — Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. has developed a Programmable Motorized SplineRail linear actuator for applications such as pick-and-place mechanisms and robotic assemblies in life sciences instrumentation, semiconductor equipment, business machines, packaging and assembly, and a wide range of factory automation applications.

The Programmable SplineRail combines mechanical drive, guidance, and control in a single, compact component. The system uses a Size 17 single-stack or double-stack stepper motor with the integrated Haydon IDEA Drive.

The IDEA Drive technology incorporates a custom designed graphic user interface for easy programming through the use of on-screen buttons instead of command sets typically seen in programmable drive architectures, said the company. The graphic user interface also allows the program to be “tested” using a line by line execution feature for easy troubleshooting and modification.

The SplineRail technology uses a Kerk precision rolled lead screw, supported by bearings and contained within a concentric aluminum spline, driving an integrated Kerkite composite polymer nut/bushing. The KerKote TFE coating and self-lubricating Kerkite nut/bushing material are said to ensure long life and zero maintenance.

When mounted vertically, the programmable SplineRail can also be used to simultaneously lift and rotate (Z-theta motion). With one motor driving the screw and a second rotating the rail, a compact, self-supporting pick and place mechanism can be created, said Haydon Kerk. Screw leads are available from 0.05-in. to 1.2-in. per revolution providing a wide range of performance profiles, including self-locking threads that can support a load without external power or breaks.