Bud releases new enclosures catalog

budcatalogCleveland, Ohio — Bud Industries, Inc. has added new plastic boxes, a cabinet rack and sheet-metal box and NEMA-box products to its electronic enclosures catalog. The 80-page color catalog is packed with more than 2,500 products with 90 percent of them are available for same-day shipment.

The expanded catalog includes 141 new part numbers. These products include the following:

— SNB Stainless-Steel NEMA Sheet-Metal Boxes:
The SNB Series features continuous welded seams and a hinged cover that provides a water-tight seal. The sheet-metal boxes are suitable for use in a broad range of applications, including power supplies and industrial controls in wash-down, marine, outdoor or dirty environments.

— Fan Tray Assembly with Digital Temperature Controller:
The fan tray assembly is completely assembled and ready to use. Just position the fan tray, plug it in, and set the desired temperature setting. It provides 540 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

— AN-Series Aluminum Box:
Bud has expanded its broad line of NEMA-rated aluminum boxes, adding 24 sizes and styles. Die-cast in aluminum alloy and resistant to atmospheric and marine corrosion, these enclosures are well suited for sensitive electronic assemblies as well as pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical devices in wet and dirty commercial and industrial environments.

— NBF Series Plastic Boxes:
These latchable all-plastic enclosures are dust-tight and water-tight. They have been designed to meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12, 13 and IEC529-IP66 requirements, which allows them to be used in many wet, dirty and/or corrosive environments.

— NEMA Heavy Duty Plastic Boxes:
These impact-resistant, NEMA-rated wall mount boxes are designed for harsh environments.

— Utilibox Style L:
Bud has added the Style L box to its Utilibox plastic box line. The enclosure is easily wall mounted and its fine-textured finish is well-suited for silk screening or pad printing. They also are easily modified with common machine shop tools to meet specific application requirements.

— VisionCab Cabinet Rack:
Bud’s new style of VisionCab steel cabinet racks allows rear-panel access. Designed to house 19-in. rack electronics, VisionCab features a see-thru front door that simplifies monitoring functions in computer rooms, control centers, test stands and communication centers in a variety of industries including telecommunications, medical, and security.