Vero delivers quick-turn mod services

Hants, U.K. — Vero Technologies Ltd. offers a rapid turn-round for factory customization of both plastic and metal enclosure panels. These services include modifications to Vero’s own manufactured panels as well as panels from other suppliers.

The company provides custom panel fabrication per customer drawings with a maximum size of 480 x 400 mm.


Here’s a list of some modifications services.

— Panels can be punched, drilled, multi-color screen-printed, engraved, engraved with a colored infill, and fitted with polyester overlays.

— Panels also can be fitted with EMC gaskets and modified to accept a flush-fitting membrane keypad.

— Conductive and non-conductive finishes can be added to both sides of the panels or just to the rear. They also can be painted.

— Cutouts can be within 1 mm from the panel edge without distortion by using laser machining or extend through the edge by using three-dimensional CNC machining.

— Plastic panels and enclosures can be molded in custom colors.

— Special finishes can be applied to give EMC/RFI protection or anti-bacterial capability for use in medical instrumentation.

In addition, card mounting brackets, conductive and non-conductive fixings, handles, gaskets and sealing strips can all be supplied to meet specific project requirements.