Amphenol PCB connectors address power bus apps

Sidney, N.Y. #151; Amphenol Industrial has introduced three compact, high-amperage, ROHS-compliant RADSOK printed-circuit-board (PCB) connectors for a variety of power bus applications. Applications include high-power bus assembly utilities, power-to-board servers, power-to-box servers and battery power/chargers for electric vehicles.

Amphenol’s proprietary RADSOK technology uses a hyperbolic, stamped grid configuration that ensures a large, coaxial, face-to-face surface area engagement to maximize heat dissipation and reduce failures.


The RADSERT, PowerBlok and PGY connectors also offer more surface space within a circuit-board design while eliminating threaded connection failures, and are well-suited for use in high-current, single-point connections, said Amphenol.

The RADSERT connector offers the smallest footprint of Amphenol’s new PCB line. This connector gives designers the option of bringing power to the board from busbars suspended above or below the board and its components. RADSERT is offered in both press-fit and solder versions, and is available in either a 2.4 mm (0.094 in.) size and rated for up to 35 amps or a 3.6 mm (0.141 in.) size and rated for up to 70 amps. It is designed for a board thickness of 6.35 mm +/-0.0635 mm (0.250 in. +/-0.025 in.) with custom sizes available for specific applications.

The PowerBlok, measuring 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm (0.500 in. x0.500 in.), also provides 70 amps to a PCB. The connector features a radial design that has a touch-proof cover and many points of contact. The connector’s backplane power interface uses compliant pins that are press-fit into the PCB. This helps to facilitate a solid connection and an even signal flow, said Amphenol.

Available in 3.6 mm (0.141 in.) carrying up to 70 amps and 5.7 mm (0.224 in.) carrying up to 120 amps, the PGY is an orthogonal card edge connector that delivers the highest amperage in the smallest housing. The PGY connects to the PCB through a solder reflow process.

Pricing: Starts at $4 for the RADSERT, $11 for PowerBlok and $3 for PGY in small quantities. Delivery is eight weeks ARO.