ADI demos first digital PFC controller with power metering

Norwood, Mass. — Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) recently demonstrated the industry’s first digital power factor correction (PFC) controller with highly accurate AC power meter capability and inrush control functionality. The ADP1047 digital PFC controller targets AC/DC power-factor correction and precision power metering applications that require high reliability and redundant power supplies, such as communications infrastructure and motor control.

The PFC controller uses conventional, continuous-conduction mode PFC techniques; all signals are converted to the digital domain, allowing all parameters to be adjusted and reported over a PMBus compliant interface including accurate RMS measurement of input voltage, current and power. This allows designers to optimize system harmonic performance, maximize efficiency across the load range and reduce time to market, said ADI.
The ADP1047 is programmed using an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical-user interface (GUI). The digital PFC controller provides typical power metering accuracy of +/-3 percent at full load current with further improvements to +/-1 percent with customer calibration.

The digital PFC controller also offers enhanced transient response through non-linear control algorithms, programmable inrush control to reduce start-up over-stress, real-time programming to maximize efficiency and extensive fault detection and reporting for improved reliability. The device can be frequency synchronized to eliminate “beat” frequency noise or alternatively the switching frequency spread spectrum feature can be enabled to further improve EMI, said ADI

The ADP1047 digital PFC controller is designed to complement the ADP1043A digital power controller for isolated systems, high-speed MOSFET drivers and iCoupler digital isolators, also available from ADI.

Availability: Samples and evaluation boards will be available in April and full production is scheduled for July 2011.
Resources: ADP1047 datasheet and ADI’s digital power management solutions