Fairchild comparators solve supply-chain issues

San Jose, Calif. — Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a line of low-power comparators that give customers the option of choosing single or dual low-voltage devices or both, depending on their application requirements. This new solution enables different audio jacks to be used in the same device, while providing purchasers with a single source for both solutions.

The FAN156 low-voltage comparator and the FAN256 dual low-voltage comparator typically consume less than 10 uA of supply current. They are guaranteed to operate at a low voltage of 1.6 V and are fully operational up to 5.5 V, making them suitable for use in 1.8-V, 3.0-V and 5.0-V systems. Applications include mobile phones, alarm and security systems, personal digital assistants, computers and portable medical devices.

In mobile applications, the FAN156 and FAN256 help reduce the 3-times falling issue associated with slow insertion of an audio headset jack, as well as enable different audio headset jacks to be used in the same device, said Fairchild. Both devices feature a complementary push-pull P- and N-channel output stage capable of driving a rail-to-rail output swing with a load ranging up to 5.0 mA.

The FAN156 is packaged in 6-lead, 1.0 x 1.45-mm MicroPak package, while the FAN256 is packaged in an 8-lead, 1.6 x 1.6-mm MicroPak package.

Fairchild says its engineers work closely with every manufacturer to help them achieve faster time to market, and to identify size, cost and power improvements in subsequent generations. The IC maker also notes that it provides proactive, open and transparent supply-chain management, allowing customers to meet inventory and manufacturing requirements.

Availability: Samples are available. Delivery is eight to 10 weeks ARO.
Pricing: The FAN156 is priced at $0.12 and the FAN256 at $0.18, both in quantities of 1,000.
Resources: FAN156 datasheet, FAN256 datasheet