Intertek offers dual-market accreditation services

Oakdale, Minn. — Intertek, a provider of quality and safety solutions, now provides security equipment manufacturers the ability to test and certify their products in North America to meet requirements in the European Union (EU).

Intertek claims it is the first lab to offer a bundled, accredited service that will allow manufacturers to remain compliant with security standards in both North America and the European markets. This dual-market accreditation service is expected to eliminate interruptions in business or a slowdown in certifying products.

“In order to remain competitive, manufacturers in North America must think globally and have the ability to continue operations and ensure that their security products are compliant with multiple global demands – specifically within segments of the EU which are now requiring an accredited lab conduct the equipment review,” stated Thomas Connaughton, Intertek’s global director of Life Safety and Security Services.

“By offering a bundled accredited certification service for both markets, Intertek is not only helping manufacturers in North America to remain compliant with ever changing codes and laws, but this move is critical to supporting the rapidly expanding security market as it must keep up with customer demands, ensuring a more robust and higher-quality product for all end users; ultimately, this is changing the way the security market must do business and how manufacturers must have local access to an emerging global market as quickly as possible,” Connaughton added.

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) recognizes Intertek’s competence in electrical testing and has expanded the scope of accreditation for the Oakdale, Minn., laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Testing for North American manufacturers include accredited one-stop certification services to North American and EU security market standards such as ANSI/UL 294 & EN 50130 and EN 50131. Intertek’s full suite of services also includes R&D and benchmark testing.

Intertek’s expanded scope of security testing and certification services also includes additional capabilities for product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), emissions and immunity testing to numerous standards across a range of industries, such as medical devices and telecommunications.