Heilind stocks TE Connectivity solar products

Wilmington, Mass. — Heilind Electronics is stocking TE Connectivity’s full line of solar products, including the SOLARLOK product line, solar identification labels and solar relays.

TE’s SOLARLOK product line includes PV connectors, junction boxes, grounding clips, grounding bolts and residential combiner boxes. These products are used to interconnect photovoltaic modules to the DC/AC converter.

Here’s a rundown of the products:

–The SOLARLOK combiner box is a UL 1741-listed, five-stringed, pre-wired unit. It offers 30-second, error-proof terminations through factory wired TE SOLARLOK PV connectors, which have polarity keyed housings to help prevent mismating. The light-weight, low-profile design, which includes four pre-drilled knock-out selections, offers installation in various residential solar applications.

–SOLARLOK grounding clips offer a ground connection solution for 10 AWG – 12 AWG wire sizes. Termination times are measured in seconds using the pre-mounted clip, which saves time and reduces labor costs, said Heilind.

–SOLARLOK ground bolts are designed for solar module grounding. Each grounding assembly accepts uninsulated solid copper wire sizes 12 through 6 AWG or uninsulated stranded (7 or 19 strands) copper wire sizes 10 through 6 AWG. The grounding assembly is used with metal-framed photovoltaic panels and related products that require grounding for safety reasons.

–TE solar identification labels are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, and can be exposed to rain, intense sunlight, UV rays, snow, ice, cold temperatures, sand, salt spray and condensation from fog.

Heilind also offers a variety of TE relays designed specifically for PV solar applications. These automatic switching units are usually integrated into the inverters of the PV system, said the distributor.