Magnachip ramps production of Bourns circuit protection devices

Riverside, Calif. — Bourns Inc. and MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp., a Korea-based manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, have announced that MagnaChip has ramped to mass production for all families of the Bourns series of high-speed circuit protection devices (TBU HSP) designed for industrial, consumer and telecommunication applications.

The TBU HSP devices, constructed using MOSFET semiconductor technology, monitor the current flowing through the line in a system. If the current exceeds a preset level, the TBU HSP device triggers in less than 1µs, providing a barrier to large, destructive voltages or currents during surge events, said Bourns.

These custom devices are developed using Bourns’ proprietary technology fabricated by MagnaChip. MagnaChip has transferred two proprietary Bourns processes needed to produce the TBU HSP devices, and both processes are currently in the production ramp phase.