Kemet unveils tantalum stack polymer caps

Greenville, S.C. — Kemet Corp. has claimed the first-to-market tantalum stack polymer capacitors. The passives supplier says the Tantalum Stack Polymer (TSP) series is the first stack solution in the market that uses organic conductive polymer as the cathode plate of the capacitor.

The TSP Series targets applications that require high capacitance and very low equivalent series resistance (ESR), and have limited board space in the consumer/gaming, computer, medical, military/aerospace, telecommunications, and transportation markets.

The TSP capacitors offer capacitance values of 66 microF to 4080 microF, and voltages ratings of 3 Vdc to 35 Vdc. Surge options are available for the series. The operating temperature range is -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C.

“Our new TSP Series surface mountable devices can be specified with a variety of capacitance and performance characteristics by stacking two, three, four, or six standard EIA case size discrete components into just one device,” stated Stanley Garrett, Kemet technical product manager. “These custom combinations result in high capacitance, very low ESR and high ripple current capability in a single footprint, which makes them an ideal solution for applications such as power supplies for a wide range of products.”

Kemet offers this solution with its T540 Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Series capacitors. Custom stacks are available with other Kemet Tantalum Surface Mount Polymer Series products.