100% RoHS ready

Buyers can select from over 34,000 RoHS compliant components when specifying from Fairchild Semiconductor. The distributor has announced that it is shipping its complete portfolio of basic marked components in configurations that conform to the European (EU) directive banning new electrical and electronic equipment containing lead (Pb).

Customers can order RoHS compliant products in two ways. All basic product is now RoHS compliant and can be ordered under the original part number, or RoHS compliant product can be ordered to a unique Fairchild part number for customers who desire a distinct part number delineating RoHS compliance.

Fairchild is implementing a new RoHS compliant symbol for all of its boxes and reels and the devices themselves are also marked with an alpha-numeric date code to denote RoHS compliance. The company is currently implementing the JEDEC standard (JESD97) for part labelling conformance and the new IPC standard (IPC1752) for uniformity in material declaration.

Fairchilds vice president of quality and reliability, Mark Rioux, said: In an effort to assist customers with their conversion process, Fairchild maintains a RoHS web site with information on product conversion, reliability requirements and cross reference data. Weve also added a self-service technical support system where customers can obtain help for complex technical questions via email dialogue with an expert in the company.