Adding control cable

Elands stock profile continues to grow following the introduction of Socapex Control Cable to its product portfolio.

Socapex Cable, the entertainment industry standard for lighting and sound applications, is a multi-core control cable with PVC insulation and a lead-free PVC sheath, that is now being sold alongside a range of YY, CY and SY Control Flexible Cables. With its class 5 conductors and black sheath, Socapex Cable is both highly flexible and hard to spot, making it ideally suited to concert and theatre locations.

Eland Cables is always quick to respond to customers when it comes to increasing the range of cables in stock, says Business Development Manager, Simon Cunningham. The move to stock number-coded 1.5mm and 2.5mm 18-core Socapex Cable is one that we hope will best serve those customers in the entertainment industry looking for a one-stop-shop for all their cable needs.

Managing Director, Philip Brown adds: Eland Cables works hard to ensure that its product portfolio is as comprehensive and relevant to customers as possible. We plan to develop our range in line with customer requirements and welcome feedback so that we can continue to provide a fast, flexible and reliable service.