Addressing high vibration applications

Camden Electronics has launched a new range of plug-in terminal blocks that feature screw flanges, enabling male and female connectors to be clamped together. As well as anti-vibration applications, the new CTBA/FL pluggable terminal blocks are also suitable for use where a heavy cable on the female part could break the connection with the PCB-mounted male component. Two sizes are available offering five and 5.08mm pitch with 0.2 to 0.4mm cable entry (24 to 12AWG).

CTBA/FL flanged pluggable terminal blocks are available in solid blocks from two to 22 poles and can be supplied in vertical and horizontal orientations for both the male PCB header and the female connector. The captive screws in the flange of the female part ensure the connection is 100 percent reliable even in hostile and high vibration applications.