Advanced cable management for open frame patching racks

Schroff UK has introduced two- and four-post open patching frames and horizontal and vertical cable management products designed for high cable density data centre and computer room installations.
The Cabletek family ensures that copper and fibre cable runs are optimised for ease of installation, cable density and protection. The free-standing aluminium frames are rated to support a static load of up to 450kg for the two-post and up to 1,130kg for the four-post.
Available in 45, 51 and 58U heights, 150, 250 and 305mm widths and single- and double-sided models, the vertical cable manager mounts on the sides of, or between the verticals in two- and four-post open frame racks. The front of the manager provides support for patch cords, while the rear section supports Cat 5e, 6, 6A and fibre optic cables.
A removable front cover provides access to the cables and deep fingers accept up to 85 Cat 5e cables per section.
Used in conjunction with the vertical cable managers are 1U and 2U horizontal cable managers, available as single-sided units in both heights with depths of 150mm, or as 2U double sided versions with 150mm fingers at the front and 230mm ones to the rear.