AdvancedMC connector sourcing

Production of AdvancedMC connectors is underway at Harting, meeting demand from purchasers working on MicroTCA backplane products.
The MicroTCA system specifies an architecture where PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) AMC.0 modules can be plugged directly into the backplane. Hartings AdvancedMC connector meets this requirement. It has undergone an evaluation process and has also been selected by PICMG members as the new MicroTCA standard connector for press-fit termination.

Harting claims the connector offers good routing with wide routing channels. The differential pins are isolated by the distance between signal and ground pins, resulting in low crosstalk and
high-speed performance with data transmission rates of 12.5Gbit/s. Purchasers will also be pleased to hear that the press-fit assembly process keeps costs to a minimum, thanks to the use
of standard flat rock dies.