Agreement creates first sales and marketing foothold in Europe for Nextreme

Nextreme Thermal Solutions and Nucletron Technologies have entered into a distribution agreement under which Nucletron will distribute Nextremes thin-film thermoelectric products in Europe. The distribution agreement opens up Nextremes first sales and marketing channel in Europe. Nextreme is focused on solving thermal issues that are becoming widespread in the electronics industry. The company manufactures thin-film thermoelectric devices that act as solid-state heat pumps for cooling and temperature control of electronic and optoelectronic components used in a variety of industry applications. The same technology can generate electrical power from waste heat.

‘Interest in our technology from the international markets has grown significantly this year,’ said Dr. Paul A. Magill, vice president of marketing and business development for Nextreme. Nucletron sees the value in our next generation thermal management products and is excited to represent Nextreme as a distributor.

Nucletron Technologies GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nucletron Electronic AG, a Germany-based holding company with subsidiaries engaged in the production and distribution of components, systems and subsystems for a number of markets, including environmental, medical and analysis, photovoltaics, communication, aerospace, industry electronics, government, microwave, isolation and safety.

In addition to opening up new markets in Europe, Nextreme will benefit from Nucletron’s insight into thermal management issues that are impacting product development in these markets.

‘With Nextremes technology, we see a great opportunity to address the growing thermal management issues in electronics,’ said Robert Tittl, managing director of Nucletron Technologies GmbH. ‘We also see a growing demand for technologies that tap into alternative energy sources.’

Nextreme’s thin-film thermoelectric products are manufactured in volume with the copper pillar bump process, an established electronic packaging approach that scales well into large arrays. The thermal copper pillar bump process integrates thin-film thermoelectric material into the solder-bumped interconnects that provide mechanical and electrical connections for today’s high performance/high density integrated circuits.

Nextreme and Nucletron will be exhibiting at the LASER. World of Photonics trade fair in Munich, Germany June 15-18.