Almost a full day backup

The UB10 range of DCUPS systems created by PULS have just been expanded. To allow for almost a working days length of battery back up for industrial applications. Introducing the UB10.242 DC UPS system that has a 24Vdc input and a 24Vdc output with the unique PULS single lead acid battery systems allows PULS customers to support their loads for up over 6 hours at full load and over half a day (almost 13 hours) at half load.

To be introduced with all the standard UB10 signals including the Inhibit for safety shutdowns, Ready for application start up or general back up monitoring, Buffering to notify of input power failure and Replace Battery to allow for system maintenance. Also new to the UB10.242 is a battery temperature charging monitoring allow for an even more efficient and reliable battery charge / operation.

Harry Moore, Managing Director of PULS UK comments At PULS we are always being asked by our customers to provide greater and greater back up times and with the launch of the UB10.242 we feel that now many more applications will benefit from our DC UPS systems

Battery back up is becoming not only a bonus but almost a necessity with our failing main system and high costs to business if power stops businesses working. The UB10.242 is ideal to support long failures and give customers piece of mind that they will not be left without power.