Aluminum keypad enclosures can be wall mounted

The new ‘TEKAL 3SP’ enclosures, from TEKO, have been designed for desktop and wall mounted keypad devices. Typical applications will include test and measurement equipment, communications, peripherals, security systems and medical and wellness technology. These attractive and modern enclosures consist of an extruded aluminum case section and two molded ABS end panels which are assembled by six self-tapping screws. Three internal PCB guide rails are provided inside the case extrusion, and recessed areas on the top and base allow membrane keypads or product labels to be fitted easily.

The ‘TEKAL 3SP’ enclosures are available in three standard sizes in lengths of 4.370, 6.732 and 8.307. The width and height are common at 4.763 x 1.732. Two standard color combinations are offered white/light gray and black/dark gray.

These versatile cases are suitable for both desktop and wall mounted applications. If the case is to be wall mounted, a clip-on wall-suspension element is available. Prices for the standard cases start at $24.

TEKO can supply the TEKAL 3SP’ enclosures with additional holes for push-buttons, connectors and controls etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos. The cases can also be painted/molded in alternative colors.