Anders Introduces Most Feature-Rich OMAP System-on-Module

Based on the popular TI OMAP3530 and uniquely suited to the demands of high-end industrial and medical products, the CM-T3530 is the newest addition to Anders line of systems-on-module – offering a rich set of multimedia, connectivity and storage features in a credit-card size package.

Anders Electronics, market leader in the field of user interface platforms, has announced the availability of its new CM-T3530 – the markets most feature-rich miniature system-on-module based on the TI OMAP3530, which powers some of the worlds most powerful and popular mobile devices.
Ideally suited for high-end industrial and medical products, in addition to low-power embedded and commercial applications like multimedia handsets, high performance PDAs, 2G and 3G wireless terminals, navigational devices, mobile TVs, mobile gaming devices, and video conferencing applications the Anders CM-T3530 provides a rich set of multimedia, connectivity and storage features on a credit-card size system-on-module.

Leveraging the proven power and flexibility of the Texas Instruments OMAP3530 – the processor that powers Nokia’s N-series smartphones, the Sony-Ericsson Satio, the Samsung OMNIA HD, and other advanced mobile devices the Anders CM-T3530 enables embedded systems to provide the usability and connectivity that users expect, while still being extremely developer-friendly.

The CM-T3530 is offered with either a TI OMAP3503 or TI OMAP3530 with Cortex-A8 core at 720 MHz, up to 256 MB DDR, up to 512 MB flash disk, a resistive touch screen controller, and 3D and video decoding acceleration. The multimedia-ready system features an LCD interface with resolution up to 1400 x 1050, PAL/NTSC TV output, a camera interface up to 16 Mpixels, and audio codec stereo line-out and microphone. For connectivity, the CM-T3530 offers 10/100 Ethernet, integral WiFi 802.11b/g, 2 SD ports, 3 serial ports, and I2C, SPI and GPIOs. Further, in addition to its two USB2 host ports, the CM-T3530s high-speed USB 2.0 on-the-go (OTG) port delivers either power to the board or other highly flexible expansion options.

From a software point of view, the CM-T3530 is supported in the mainline Linux kernel from rev 2.6.33, and offers full OpenEmbedded Angstrom Linux distribution and full support for Windows CE 6.0 R3.

The addition of the CM-T3530 to our line of systems-on-module is an important step for both usability and connectivity, said Rob Anders, CEO of Anders Electronics. Using the same processor that powers todays most advanced smartphones, and leveraging Anders end-to-end range of Graphic User Interface (GUI) products and services, the CM-T3530 will help our clients maximize device connectivity and streamline user interface, without raising development overhead, he concluded.

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