Audit eliminates static issues

An electro-static discharge (ESD) risk assessment service is now available to 3M’s UK and Ireland customers. The service, which is run in association with channel partner, Challenger Components, aims to identify where electro-static discharge could cause problems with advice on work practices to eliminate issues. General sales and marketing manager, 3M Electronics, Adrian Hyner, said: Static is particularly problematic in electronics manufacturing, as well as in assembly and installation. Although most companies know how ESD can damage products – and even take steps to counter it – work practices often mean that systems are rendered ineffective.

Carrying out an audit allows customers to identify where and when events occur, eliminating them and monitoring to ensure compliance.

Having acquired SCC and Credence Technologies, 3M also offers a range of static control equipment including: personnel protection, flooring, workstation products, tapes, bags and packaging materials. To demonstrate the breadth of its static control line-up, which includes static monitoring products, 3M has just launched a new 140-page catalogue, available in print or electronically.