Automotive-grade tactile switches

C&K Components has developed a new series of automotive-grade tactile switches. Designated the KSx Series and based on C&Ks proven KSC and KSA Mk2 tactile switches, the SPST normally open harsh environment switches are highly resistant to corrosion and chemical aggressions.
The KSx Series tact switches provide superior resistance to corrosive gas, salt spray and humidity, making them ideal for outdoor automotive and industrial applications, said Eric Grange, product manager for C&K Components. Coupled with features also available with the KSC and KSA Mk2 Series switches including specific tactile effects, sound control, extended life cycles to 1 million operations and IP67 sealing, the KSx Series switches meet any harsh environment application needs.

Typical applications for the KSx Series automotive-grade switches include door handles and opening panels, as well as locking latch and detection functions. The KSx switches are also suitable for industrial applications where humidity, temperature variation and polluted atmosphere are concerns, including elevator keyboards and process control systems, as well as outdoor home appliances.

The KSx Series harsh environment switches are compliant with the ISO TS16750-4, climatic class D (salt spray, ice water, rapid temperature cycling, 4 mix gas) and temperature class K (-40C to +125C) automotive standards. Voltage range for the tactile switches is 20mV to 32VDC and current ranges from 1mA to 50mA. Contact resistance is less than 100m, with a bounce time of less than 1ms. Power ratings are 1VA for the silver plating and 0.2VA for the gold plating. The switches are available in tape and reel packaging