Big plus for security

The BLZP is the functional extension of the BLZ series, which has proven itself on the market for decades. The P in the part name stands for a plus in security and performance in processing and use. Resulting from this are additional customer benefits, such as a continuous function and safety chain, increased efficiency and process reliability or a plainly user friendly operation.
Error-free wiring safe connection
The integrated wire guard feature prevents dangerous miswiring, such as inserting a cable outside the yoke, and thus protects against invisible contact faults.

Securely lock simply release
Fast, self-locking with the pin block, intuitive, tool-free handling, visual inspection and simple releasing of the connector socket that is gentle on components.

Reliable contacting universal operation
The tool-suitable, globally compatible screw head for nonpositive, uncomplicated operation with common hand tools or the efficient use of power tools.

Process-compatible by default economical processing
Unpack Wire Ready Connect. The Wire Ready technology ensures that all clamping units are fully open on delivery, even after world-wide shipping.