Blood pressure modules maximise patient comfort

Two new blood pressure monitoring modules have been released by Omron Electronic Components Business Europe (OCB-EU) for integration into medical OEM systems. The M3600 hospital grade device features full redundancy and automatic measurement features, while the lower-cost M1200 is for high accuracy home and telemedicine environments. Both modules are specifically designed to maximise patient comfort and ease of measurement, and are based on an advanced non-invasive measurement technique capable of providing data accurately and quickly with the minimum of patient discomfort. Features include Omron’s proprietary Smart Inflation technology that automatically determines the inflation pressure required for each patient, and ontrols the inflation rate accordingly, eliminating the need to inflate to a higher pre-determined level. They also offer Dynamic Linear Deflation, which adjusts the deflation rate of the cuff pressure according to the patient’s pulse rate to allow for faster measurements. The measurement technique used in both instruments is the oscillometric method, which is based on monitoring the oscillations caused by the arterial pressure pulse.

The hospital-grade M3600 is suitable for automatically monitoring the blood pressure of adult, child and neonatal patients. To meet the obligatory safety requirements for a hospital grade NIBP module, the M3600 incorporates a dual elf-regulating system, including dual CPU processors, blood pressure transducers and deflation valves. If abnormal operation is detected, the module switches safely to stand-by mode until the error condition is cleared. The module’s pulse rate accuracy is 2 bpm (beats per minute) or 2% of reading over a range of 40 to 200 bpm (240 in neonatal mode). The blood pressure measurements comply with ANSI/AAMI SP:10:2002 and IEC 60601-2-30 standards. The unit measures 6.0cm H x 9.6 cm L x 4.0 W and weighs 0.2Kg.

Targeted at consumer medical electronics systems as well as the emerging telemedicine sector, the lower cost Omron M1200 offers the same performance as the M3600 but lacks the redundancy required for hospital use. It is aimed at environments where precise, reliable blood pressure measurements need to be taken, but where automatic operation is not required.

To support developers, Omron is offering a Developers Kit for the M3600 and the M1200, complete with power supply, RS-232 cable, documentation, terminal emulator and sample scripts.