Bright idea simplifies mating

Cambridge Connectors latest addition to its 75 ohm BNC connector range for HDTV broadcast applications incorporates a light pipe feature for easier port identification.

Selecting the correct port from an array of several hundred connectors in broadcast routing and switching applications can be tricky, particularly when ambient light levels are low. Cambridge Connectors C-SX-069 Pathfinder BNC connector addresses this issue using backlighting techniques while maintaining high connector panel densities. The construction and insulator material act as a light pipe to transmit light from a PCB mounted LED at the back of the connector. Different colours indicate the function and status of each port and with self monitoring circuitry it is even possible to indicate failures to the operator.

Designed specifically for the broadcast industry for use in HDTV serial video applications, this right angle BNC connector also offers a 4mm profile allowing close packing of daughter boards and a reduction in the bulk of switching and routing equipment.