Building on strong foundations

Supplier of frequency control products, AEL Crystals, has had a busy year. Working from its strong foundation of engineering knowledge, the company has expanded its portfolio, revamped its website and moved into new premises
Since its inception in 1991, AEL Crystals has worked hard to provide buyers of frequency control products with a highly efficient total supply chain management service. No matter where in the world their design or production operations are located, purchasers can be assured that AEL will always strive to provide consistent quality and a reliable service at a globally competitive price.
The last twelve months have been a particularly busy period for the company, with a number of long running projects coming to fruition during the course of the last few months. Not least has been the creation of a new quality components portfolio. AEL Crystals has been actively expanding its range of products with a number of new and innovative devices released during the course of 2009.
Recent additions include MEMS devices, which offer an alternative to standard quartz based clock oscillators in industry standard footprints. These products are available with a range of specification options and short lead-times of typically two weeks for production quantities and sample quantities available in 24 hours.
Micro miniature SMD crystals have also joined the line up. These are available in sizes ranging from 4.0 by 2.5mm down to 2.0 by 1.6mm which can facilitate aggressive miniaturisation for designs with high population density or limited PCB area requirements.
Other new products include high frequency oscillators. AEL can supply a range of clock oscillators with Sinewave, LVDS and LVPECL outputs serving frequency ranges up to 800MHz, including low current and ultra low jitter devices.
An expanded high stability oscillator range also encompasses TCXO and VCTCXO products in micro miniature packages down to 2.0 by 2.5mm including 1.8 and 2.0V input voltages, in addition high frequency devices up to 800MHz.
Additional new products in addition to the above a number of other new products are also detailed including GPS Antennas, VCO Devices, SAW Devices and an expanded range of Ceramic components.
Full details of all new products, as well as established devices, are shown in the new Quality Components Portfolio.
To complement the expanded portfolio, AEL Crystals launched its new website in November 2009. The site carries details of the full range of AEL products with additional information areas allowing designers to find products closely related to their specific market area. There is also a ‘buyers guide’ area, as well as additional technical information to assist customers with their product choices.
Finally, AEL has moved into newly built premises in the Redhill area, which offer larger warehousing along with improved office facilities. The new facilities are still located close to both Gatwick and Heathrow for easy access to global freight routes.
Importantly, the move to new premises has allowed AEL to expand its testing facility with a standalone test laboratory and a more efficient goods processing operation to improve service to customers.