Bulk power in a compact enclosure

XP Power has introduced the HPU1K5 1500W AC/DC power supply series aimed at industrial applications that require bulk power in a compact enclosure. Three single output models are available covering the nominal output voltages of +12, +24, or + 48 VDC, with each being user adjustable either manually, or via an external voltage signal. The universal input range covers 85-264 VAC, with output power up to 1500 Watts available at high line input and up to 1200 Watts when using input voltages below 180 VAC. Using an integral fan, the supply can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and will operate in a wide temperature environment from -20C up to +50C at full power, and up to +70C with derating.

The mechanical design of the HPU1K5 includes a number of innovative design features, such as use of a variable speed fan to keep audible noise to a minimum and the use of only two internal PCBs. These features aid the optimal flow of air through the unit, helping to maintain a low internal operating temperature and ensuring long-term component reliability. The use of a dual stage power factor correction (PFC) circuit and synchronous rectification techniques contribute to the units 90%+ power efficiency.

The HPU1K5 can be used utilised in current share designs where up to 8 of the same output voltage models can share current within 10% of each other at full load.

A 5 Volt / 1 Amp standby rail is standard. Other control lines and signals provide AC OK, DC OK, Inhibit, Enable, Fan Fail and overtemperature indications. Remote sense compensates for up to a 0.5 V drop in the connection cabling. All models have international safety agency approvals and meet the required conducted and radiated noise levels.

The HPU1K5 series comes with a 3 year warranty and is available from Farnell or direct from XP Power.