Calculating the cost of flexibility

Flexibility and a hands-on approach to initial requests for a quotation, enable Hallmark Electronics to provide a swift price calculation and fast turnaround For most Hallmark Electronics customers the express route to market is the norm rather than the exception, drawing on the company’s solid PCB manufacturing expertise to meet quick turnaround requirements.

Engineers and buyers alike understand how the PCB industry quote. Generally, most manufacturers will quote a turnaround of between 15 to 20 days as their most economical route to market. Product can be requested faster, anything from 10 days down to 24 hours, subject to the technology required, but it is worth remembering that quicker turnarounds attract a premium rating.

Having purchased and amalgamated an assembly company as a department of Hallmark nineteen years ago, Hallmark used the same profile to quote on customers quick turnaround requirements as it did with the PCB stand alone side of the business. Flexibility and a hands-on approach to’ initial requests for a quotation, enable Hall mark to provide a swift price calculation with turnaround permutations subject to components being readily available. Worst case lead times and obsolescences are detailed on the quotation, as the turnaround chosen will hinge on when the parts are delivered to Hallmark.

The in-house PCB manufacture, procurement and assembly departments all work together, to achieve a fluid, transparent and effective route to product completion. If assistance on design is required, Hallmark’s internal resources can prove invaluable, especially where design for manufacture is trying to engineer cost down savings.

Taking the logistics stress away from the customer, means buyers place just one purchase order to procure totally finished assemblies. For many, this has been a revelation. The hidden cost saving to companies who utilise this service can be huge, with one massive benefit: when Hallmark is commissioned do the full buy and build on a client’s behalf, any problems are Hallmarks problem irrespective of whether they relate to board, components or assembly.