Camera can be customised

e2v has announced the launch of a new standard in inspection cameras for machine vision and high performance linear imaging. The AViiVA II series of cameras features a new generation of sensors, with resolution up to 4K pixels with various pitches. Available with Camera Link interface in either 4 or 2 taps, AViiVA II delivers a dynamic range of 68 dB up to 160 MHz operation. e2vs AViiVA cameras have been leaders in the field of line scan imaging for over 10 years, due largely to their unique sensor technology, coupled with e2vs expertise in CCD sensor and camera design.

‘Our AViiVA II single-line cameras address high performance requirements in the middle to high-end line-scan camera market’, commented Christophe Robinet, Strategic Marketing Manager for Industrial Imaging Products at e2v, adding ‘the AViiVA II family perfectly complements the DiViiNA (for entry-level needs) and EliiXA (multi-line high-end imaging) cameras’.

The first releases of the AViiVA II range will be the EM2 CL series, 2 tap Camera Link and the EM4 CL series, 4 tap Camera Link, operating at up to 160 MHz in standard format (higher speeds available for custom versions). The EM4 CL utilises e2vs new single line sensors, with either 4096 pixels, 10×10 m or 2048 pixels, 14×14 m and is capable of line rates up to 70 KHz. More camera types are to follow, with new sensors and Gigabit Ethernet interfacing.

AViiVA EM2 and EM4 CL cameras are easy to integrate with existing system designs since they maintain the mechanical footprint of the current AViiVA models; specifically the 56 mm x 60 mm front face. The GenICam compliant interface ensures smooth operation whilst the high dynamic calibration of the camera provides for automatic or manual mode control. The camera can also be easily customised, for example with pre-processing at camera level, through its powerful FPGA.

Samples are available now for evaluation.