Capacitors offer long life

Young Electronics Group introduces two new capacitor series guaranteeing life of 10,000 hours at 105 deg C. In conjunction with the development of higher performance and higher reliability of latest FPD TVs and other digital home appliances which have become more compact and slim, the temperature in in these appliances is becoming higher due to high-density mounting of electronic components. As the life of aluminium electrolytic capacitors varies with the temperature environment which they are used, products with longer life are currently in demand.

Until now, Nippon Chemi-Con has developed small size, long life SMD type aluminium electrolytic capacitors that guarantee the industrys highest standard, 7,000 hours at 105 deg C to meet these demands.

The newly developed MLF series and MZF series realized guaranteed life of 10,000 hours at 105 deg C by employing electrolyte with less evaporation under high temperature. A sealing rubber that is highly effective in reducing evaporation of electrolyte has also been developed to further improve product life. In addition, the MZF series feature lower impedance by adopting a low density electrolytic paper to provide a wider range of product line-ups.

With its case size ranging from 47.3L to 1010.5Lmm, the MLF series covers capacitance range of 0.1 to 1000F at rated voltage range of 6.3 to 50V. The low impedance MZF series are available with case size ranging from 57.3L to1010.5Lmm, rated voltage range of 6.3 to 50V and rated capacitance range of 10 to 470F. Samples of the two new series are now available from Young Electronics Group in the UK.