Capping ESR

Young Electronics Group introduces the Nippon ChemiCon ultra low ESR functional polymer capacitor. Claimed to provide excellent noise absorption, it is suitable for digital information appliances, DC:DC converters, voltage regulators and decoupling applications such as those used on computer motherboards. The PSF series offers 5k hours at 105C and is available in 2v, 2.5v and 16v. The PSF benefits from an even lower ESR than the PSE series, eg a 6.3 x 8mm can size shows a drop from 7mOhm to 5mOhm.

Importantly, NCC guarantees the initial 5mOhm ESR after the 5000 hour endurance. The capacitance range is 330uF to 1,000uF. The series is halogen free, environmentally friendly and ROHS compatible.