Card connector goes low

Extremely low profile (height less than 6.5 mm) and a housing covering all components are the superior characteristics of the new smart card connector to use in automotive conditions and card holder for contactless RFID cards, Pushmatic Slim from Amphenol. The patented dust protection flap protects the card slot against contamination and accidental insertion of foreign objects. The integrated card locking is designed to avoid the possibility of removing the card during the transaction. The card will be ejected by a spring mechanism released by an electrical solenoid. The working temperature is -40 to 85C. Assembly holes in the housing are designed to fix the new Pushmatic Slim in the application.

Based on these characteristics, the new Pushmatic Slim is ideal for automotive applications like digital tachograph or infotainment, as well as the perfect solution for guiding and locking contactless RFID cards.

The product is available at distributor Rutronik.