Case tailored to exact needs

Schroff is offering its ratiopacPRO range of desktop cases with a new modification service to meet customers specific requirements. While the ratiopacPRO range includes a variety of standard products, drilling, cut-outs, screen printing and special colour finishes are sometimes required to meet precise demands. As part of its ServicePLUS strategy, Schroff states such modifications can be arranged quickly and easily via its website where an online calculator lets customers see additional costs, with options displayed according to batch size and delivery times.

RatiopacPRO desktop cases are designed to provide a sturdy metal enclosure. Its symmetrical design means that plug-in units can be inserted from the front or rear. EMC shielding can be specified when ordering or retrofitted.

Available in over 200 different configurations and sizes, the ratiopacPRO range includes versions pre-configured with threaded inserts and perforated strips, ready for backplane assembly.

For applications where cases will house particularly high-density electronics, the ratiopacPRO-air variant provides ventilation slots on both sides of the card cage, optimising airflow over plug-in units to aid thermal management.